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Randolph CC - Fall 2015

This year we have many exciting events planned and our membership drive during the first month was a great surprise. Daily, we continue to get inquiries on how to join and wonder if we will need a bigger meeting room.

We are under new leadership with our chapter president, Tyler Lisk, and have a renewed focus for this year’s Phi Beta Nu chapter at Randolph Community College. So far we have had two great events planned that have been rained out due to a little hurricane off our coast, but we will not let that stop us. The one event that no hurricane could prevent us from completing was our chapter being able to host the Kick-Off meeting for the Central region (see photo above). We had a great turnout and loved seeing old friends.

Currently, we are working on some more events that will take place indoors, so the weather will not be a problem. Many of the events concern connecting with businesses for networking activities, and working with our community for volunteering events. This year’s chapter goals are to do as much as possible to improve ourselves as future business leaders, while leaving a long-lasting, positive mark on our community.

As this newsletter get posted for delivery, our members are ready to take Greensboro by the horns in November and show NCPBL what RCC’s Phi Beta Nu’s are made of; so watch out North Carolina, here we come!

Randolph CC - Spring 2013

After a trying fall semester, our chapter got off to a busy start. January marked the being of our spring recruitment. On club day, we spoke to many potential members.  We were excited to attend the Tip-off at Wake-Tech. We connected with friend we had not seen since fall conference and shared vital information about fundraising. After coming back from tip-off our fundraising began. We have chosen to do a variety of fundraisers including: selling candy-kiss roses,our annual Krispy Kreme doughnut sale, and our photo shoot. We have been working on doing a community service project with a local business, Samaritan Maids. Part of their business is giving back to the community by cleaning for cancer patients for free. To help we are planning to go and clean a cancer patient’s house later in March. On March 15, we will be hosting a seminar on resume and interviewing for the RCC student body. Our hope is to give back to the school and get our name out on campus. Finally, we have been planning for SLC.  We are excited to go this year and celebrate the member that will be graduating this May. Even though our semester has been busy, we are still working hard on maintaining our studies and a successful PBL chapter.  On behalf of all of RCC’s Phi Beta Nu Chapter thanks for a great year- Jessica Steven, President.

Randolph CC Focuses on Goals

After a successful graduation here at Randolph Community College, our chapter was impacted with a loss of a large majority of our membership. It is a happy loss, but at the same time we miss them. RCC's Phi Beta Nu Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is off to a great start. The chapter currently has 13 paid members and 6 Professional Division members. One of our members attends classes at RCC online from her home in England- making her our first international member! Our youngest member, who technically is not a student, is Mrs. Palmer's son who was born in March- Luke Palmer. Our chapter has a variety of goals for the year. First, we have made an initiative triangle to help focus our goals. The triangle consists of three central elements in which all activates are based: Education, Service, and Connection. We started planning fundraisers to help our members attend the Fall Leadership Development Conference and the National Fall Leadership Conference. The first fundraiser is our semiannual Krispy Kreme doughnut sale- YUM! We have also raffled off a diaper cake to raise money for March of Dimes- Save the Babies!- at Asheboro's Fall Festival. We are preparing for the workshops at FLDC as well as the recruitment board, pin design, and the t-shirt design contests. After the FLDC and the NFLC, the innovative work begins with the preparation for the State Conference in April. Here at RCC we are igniting innovation. May success be ever in our future!