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Main Adviser: Anna Smith Co-Adviser: Dr. Christopher (Chris) Howard Chapter President: Klay Gill
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Pfeiffer University - Fall 2017

Pfeiffer's PBL chapter conducted a car wash fundraiser on Saturday, October 14th in Richfield, NC. The car wash was hosted by First Bank, who contributed both their site with water, but also with administrative support for our local chapter. The day saw 21 members volunteer between two and six hours at the event, while raising around $1,000 for the chapter. These funds will help the chapter with costs involved at both SLC and NLC in the Spring. The car wash not only helped raise funds, but also allowed members to serve together and bond as a team.

Pfeiffer University - Spring 2017

Pfeiffer PBL Holds Final Membership Drive for Potential New Members Before SLC 

Pfeiffer PBL is a constantly growing chapter and perhaps that is because of the current members' drive to recruit new members to join the organization that they feel so passionately about. After all, the more the merrier! Pfeiffer PBL's officers decided to hold a table membership drive in Stokes Student Center on February 15, 2017 in order to reach out to students who may have heard about PBL, but hadn’t joined yet. Pfeiffer gets a lot of transfer students, even during second semester so it is important to make the club available to them as well as to new students in the fall. Many new students, especially freshman do not feel confident enough in their abilities to jump headfirst into a club during their first semester, but are more comfortable in their second semester and therefore it makes more sense to attempt to recruit them then. Overall, it was a relatively successful recruitment day and it is always fun to get to tell other student about the things that Pfeiffer PBL has accomplished whether or not they choose to join.

Pfeiffer University - Fall 2016

Pfeiffer University PBL held an informational and fun movie night on September 28, 2016. The movie night was all about internships. The event President Tori Jackson about what types of internships exists, the benefit of getting an internship while in college, how to be successful in a college internship, and what benefits you can get from a college internship. The presentation was followed with a question and answer session and then the movie. The movie was the Intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway and was chosen as the movie for the event due to the applicable nature of the plot and the presentation. This movie was also chosen due to the fact that Robert DeNiro's actions within the film demonstrated a level of maturity and success and showed a comparison to other interns within the movie who were younger and learned from his character. Overall it was a very successful event with many more participants than expected and with a large number of people becoming more interested in Pfeiffer PBL than before. The event was both a great learning experience as well as a great community and interest building event and will be one that Pfeiffer PBL will most likely repeat again in the future.


Pfeiffer University - Spring 2016

Pfeiffer University's PBL Week, held this past February, was a great success! On Monday, chapter members manned a bake sale station set up in the Stokes building on campus to sell homemade treats such as brownies, Rice-Krispie treats, cookies and more to students, staff, and faculty in an effort to raise funds for the March of Dimes charity. This single event raised $130! The week continued with a "Each One Reach One" event on Wednesday night where chapter officers hosted a 90's Night Trivia Contest. There was a great turnout that resulted in more students becoming aware of what our organization is all about and much fun was had by all. Rounding out the week, we participated in a Connecting Chapters bowling night in Albemarle that was hosted by the PBL chapter at Stanly Community College.

Pfeiffer University - Fall 2015

Pfeiffer University's Phi Beta Lambda chapter hosted a campus-wide scavenger hunt on September 25, 2015. It was a very windy, rainy, and cold night but that didn't stop people from coming out to the event. The PBL Scavenger Hunt was a great success with a total of 12 people participating and competing for gift card prizes.

The theme for the event was "things found in an office." We used various office items, from a coffee mug to a stapler placed in strategic positions all around campus. The rules were simple, split up into groups of two, use the clues given to them to find the hidden office items, and then to take team "selfies" with each item. Everyone ended up having a lot of fun doing the scavenger hunt, especially with trying to figure out exactly what the clues meant. It was a great event to get our name out to everyone on campus and our membership increased as a result of some of the competitors joining our organization!

Pfeiffer University - 2014 Spring

On Wednesday, February 19th 2014, the North Carolina chapter of March of Dimes kicked off their annual campaign at Pfeiffer University's graduate campus in Charlotte. Charlotte and Misenheimer campuses have joined together as a team for this event. Misenheimer's Phi Beta Lambda chapter will be spearheading the undergraduate campaign and recruitment. Their combined goal is to raise $500,000 during the March of Dimes Annual March for Babies on April 26th, in the uptown area of Charlotte. Each dollar that team raises will go to the March of Dimes to support their mission, helping pregnant women carry children to full-term, supporting families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and funding research to prevent premature births and the death of premature babies. March of Dimes is a very important organization across the nation. Pfeiffer University's Phi Beta Lambda chapter strives to assist the March of Dimes in achieving their mission in every way possible.--Submitted by Shana Tarlton

Pfeiffer PBL Participates in Homecoming Event

Pfeiffer University Phi Beta Lambda sends its greetings to other PBL chapters as the 2012-2013 year begins. Our chapter has started very strong this year, having a great response from students on campus.

Officer Elections resulted in the following: President: Christopher Stokes; Vice-President of Public Relations: Christie Mello; Vice-President of Finances: Joshua Roberts; and Vice-President of Operations/Planning: Vontenea Williams.

The chapter participated in homecoming activities with the Pfeiffer University students and alumni. One of which was competing in the "Build-A-Freddie" contest, in order to win money for the chapter this upcoming year. The contest consisted of decorating a cardboard cutout of the school's mascot, Freddie the Falcon, in representation of their organization.

Members of our chapter will be attending both the FLDC and the NFLC this November. We hope for a great year and wish all the Phi Beta Lambda chapters a successful year.