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North Carolina Central University - Fall 2016

North Carolina Central University 
Ropes Challenge Course Provides Teambuilding Experience
By: Brittany Wilson

The Iota Tau Chapter participated in the annual ropes course challenge. As a first time participant in this ropes course I was unaware of what to expect from this experience. At first glance I thought we would do rigorous activities that would force me to be physically active, which I am not the most physically fit person. Being physical was not the most important goal; instead, we focused on breathing techniques to relax ourselves, communication, trust, leadership and teamwork. The ropes course activities were designed to enhance our ability to work as a team. 

One of the first activities we did was to introduce ourselves to one another. One of the most endearing activities we did was the jump rope activity.  This activity forced us to truly work together, strategize, and communicate efficiently so that all members got across the rope successfully. As one of the members who had trouble getting across the rope I felt the sense of teamwork because everyone helped me in getting across by telling me when to go or by holding my hand. This activity allowed us to see where our weak spots were within communication and how we can fix them within our organization. 

We also did other communication building techniques that focused on verbal and nonverbal communication. Additionally, we did a trust fall which allowed us to really connect because in order to be a successful organization we must be able to trust each other. Overall, the ropes course allowed us to truly connect as a family and as an organization. I believe everyone who participated in the ropes course gained a bigger concept on how to work efficiently as a team. We learned important techniques in teamwork and we had fun together. We truly bonded even when we were frustrated with the challenges. There were many laughs and memorable moments. This was a day to remember!!!


North Carolina Central University - Fall 2015

Women in Power
By Rodney Johnson

Miller-Motte College, Jacksonville chartered its chapter in September 2015. The chapter began with six students and has ten members to date. Five professional members have also been recruited. Miller-Motte College Jacksonville is excited to give back to the community and connect with fellow PBL members.

Ms. Kourtney Daniel-Robinson, a Fall 2013 member of the Iota Tau Chapter currently reigns as Ms. North Carolina Central University.  She serves as the leader and face of the entire university, where she has implemented a campaign titled CLUTCH, inspired by her own entrepreneurial handbag venture. The purpose of the CLUTCH campaign is to build the future through Connecting Leaders with Unity, Truth, Community Service, and Humility. Since her reign began, Ms. Daniel-Robinson has hosted several opportunities to mold current students into proper leaders. "Being apart of Phi Beta Lambda has prepared me to step out of my comfort zone by representing such an amazing university. Being a woman in power has taught me that you have to do something different everyday that scares you. That moment is where the growth happens. You become stronger and wiser." said the Campus Queen.

Ms. Keyona Presha, a Fall 2013 member of the Iota Tau Chapter, currently serves as the Senior Class President in the Student Government Association at North Carolina Central University. Her campaign "Key to Success", stole the show during the spring student government elections, where she pushed her passion to ensure her fellow graduating peers, had all of the resources needed to be prepared post graduation. In addition, she continues to foster their development and growth in the university, with consistent support and efforts for entering into the competitive job market.

Ms. Attiyya Newman, a Spring 2015 member of the Iota Tau Chapter, currently reigns as the Ms. School of Business at the C.T. Willis School of Business at North Carolina Central University. She works closely with faculty and staff in order to communicate student concerns in an attempt to create an environment for opportunity. Her campaign titled, REBRAND, is an effort to change the course of how students in the School of Business are looked upon and prepared in comparison to their Business counter parts at Duke Fuquay Varina and Kenan Flager School of Business at UNC Chapel Hill. Her efforts have involved fostering her peers and other organizations, with a focus on the early development of underclassmen students. Ms. Newman stated, "Phi Beta Lambda represents my values and fostered my confidence when I ran for my position. I had the support I needed from my fellow members on campus and professional division members. This allowed me to standout and become the candidate of choice."

North Carolina Central University - Fall 2013

Highway Cleanup

Our first highway cleanup had a good amount of participants and was a great success. Phi Beta Lambda came together as an organization and accomplished the task of leaving our adopted highway spick and span. We all gathered together at our designated meeting location at 7:45am. After making sure everyone was accounted for we took off towards the highway to get started. Everyone was accommodated with vests and gloves to pick up the trash.

We split up into two groups to cover each side of the highway. This method works very efficiently and helps the group save on time as well. Along with getting the highway cleaned up, the group also used this time to bond and share fun and laughs. It made the experience that much better. The members of Phi Beta Lambda enjoyed this community service event as a whole. It was a great service to our community as well as a great service to the organization. Since the event was such a success we are going to expand the outreach of volunteers and open it up to the entire campus. It’s a great way for Phi Beta Lambda to carry out our values and maintain our community.