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Main Adviser: Michele Parrish Co-Adviser: LaTonya Steele Chapter President: Christopher McDuff
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Durham Technical CC - Fall 2018

The Delta Beta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda continues our tradition of service and activities. We have been very productive since our last report. Durham Tech PBL teamed up with Durham Tech's chapter of Gamma Beta Phi to hold a book drive to be donated to BookHarvest in Durham North Carolina. Durham Tech PBL member Kim Green received the award for most community service hours completed by an individual student at Durham Tech's Student Government Association Banquet. Chapter President Emilia Arrington was also recognized for Outstanding Student Leadership in service to Durham Tech PBL. We finished off our semester with our annual club outing to a Durham Bulls game in May.


We had five members attend the State Leadership Conference in April where Chapter Vice President Christopher McDuff ran for State President. All 5 members who attended SLC placed high enough to qualify for NLC, our chapter was recognized for completing TLLA. Emilia Arrington was recognized at NLC for completion of the President’s Level of CMAP. Durham Tech PBL received the Outstanding Chapter Award at NLC as well. This is the second year in a row that chapter has received this distinction. Our Chapter had several winners at NLC taking home the following awards: Charles Lucas & Kim Green placed 3rd in the nation in Network Design, Kim Green placed 2nd in the nation for Help Desk, Christopher McDuff placed 9th in the nation for Cybersecurity and Christopher Kenestrick placed 6th in the nation in this event as well.


We Started our 2018-2019 year off with a membership drive at Durham Tech’s annual Welcome Mania at which we managed to attract several new members. We held elections in September and have a full officer team who is ready and committed to serving its members to the best of their ability. Durham Tech PBL has continued its strong commitment to community by donating several hundred pounds of food the Durham Tech Food Pantry Drive. Furthermore, Durham Tech PBL partnered with the Museum of Life & Science in Durham to volunteer at the Museum’s Annual Pumpkin Patch. Members of Durham Tech PBL helped Museum Staff aiding in such activities as Pumpkin Decorating, Temporary Tattoos, Ring Toss, and the Pumpkin Patch itself. Furthermore, Durham Tech PBL took time to raise awareness for March of Dimes by having a table at Durham Tech’s annual Student Health fare.


Our Chapter is rolling right along with its yearly activities having recently attended NC PBL’s annual FLDC. Durham Tech PBL took 5 members and 2 advisors to FLDC where our members participated in various workshops, a scholarship interview, nontrivial, and the recruitment display competition. Durham Tech PBL member Kim Green led a workshop Saturday morning titled gamaification as part of her commitment to completing both the executive and presidential levels of CMAP. Our Chapter placed 3rd in the Recruitment Display Competition. We finished off FLDC by being award the Gold Star Chapter Distinction.


Durham Technical CC - Fall 2017

The Delta Beta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda remains an active participant on campus, in our community, and in the lives of our members.  As supporters of March of Dimes, members participated in fundraising for research and outreach, and in the March for Babies walk in RTP.   


Demonstrating our Legacy of Leadership, the 6 members who attended the NC State Leadership Conference placed within the top 5 in IT, Management, and Marketing competitions for a total of 17 awards, as well as receiving the Leadership Development Award. 


 Emilia Arrington and Kim Green were recognized for receiving Director Level of CMAP; Christopher McDuff and Betina Huntwork were 2 of the only 11 students in the nation who achieved President Level of CMAP. 


 Our chapter was awarded The Legacy Leadership Award, received recognition as a Gold Star chapter and designer of the NC PBL state pin, for increasing chapter membership, and for affiliation with recruitment of Professional Division members.    


At Durham Tech's annual Student Senate Leadership Award Ceremony Christopher McDuff was recognized for outstanding student leadership, Kim Green was recognized for second most community service volunteer hours, and our chapter was recognized for most community service hours.  Our chapter ended the school year with a Durham Tech outing to a Durham Bulls baseball game, one of our fundraising partners.  


Emilia Arrington, Eric Eales, Betina Huntwork, Christopher Kenestrick, and Christopher McDuff continued on to compete in the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California; all of them placing within the top 10 of national competitors.  Durham Tech's chapter received Diamond Chapter distinction, one of only 22 schools in the nation to receive this, for participating in activities to increase recruitment, retention, and member involvement.  We received a letter from the office of the NC Governor congratulating us on our hard work and the honors we brought home from the National Leadership Conference.


Our chapter began the academic year with Durham Tech's annual Welcomemania, where student organizations showcase themselves to attract new members.  We attended the NC PBL Fall Kick-Off at Central Carolina Community College.  Our chapter collected the most food for Durham Tech's Fall Fest Food Drive, and participated in other activities for student social interaction and attraction to student organizations.  We remain a community service partner with the NC Museum of Life and Science, where we assist with their annual Pumpkin Patch and Santa Train, and participated again in the Belk Annual Charity Day Sale.  


As we elevate our future, our chapter won second place for our Mardi Gras  themed table decorations at the NC PBL Fall Leadership Development Conference social, again won the Design a Pin contest, placed second for our recruitment display, and we received Gold Star Chapter status.  Chapter President Emilia Arrington was one of three NC PBL Professional Division Foundation Scholarship recipients.   Our team of Christopher McDuff, Christopher Kenestrick and Joseph Blanchet won first place in the Non Trivia Contest.  Christopher McDuff, as part of the Southern Region Action Council, will work with local and state chapters throughout the Southern Region to engage officers, leading to membership growth and program enhancement. 


We provided information about prematurity and March of Dimes at Durham Tech's Student Wellness Fair for Prematurity Awareness Month.  We will be providing information to students for American Enterprise Day activities.  


We look forward to participation in Durham Tech's Peanut Butter Jelly Time Club Challenge for Meals on Wheels, PBL's Put Hunger Out of Business, and the National Day of Service which will be hosted by Durham Tech in January, 2018.  


Durham Technical CC - Spring 2017

The Delta Beta Upsilon Chapter finished off October by volunteering with the Museum of Life & Science's annual pumpkin. Every year the Museum holds this event to help the community celebrate Halloween. Our members helped the museum staff by helping members of the community with such activities as: Picking out a pumpkin, decorating their pumpkin, face painting and tattoo’s, the pumpkin sling shot, the pumpkin train, and the corn sand box.


We continued donating our time to Urban Ministries of Durham in November by helping sort clothes in the clothes closet and stocking the shelves of the food pantry. Our chapter has made it a priority to spend 2 hours on every second Saturday of the month working with Urban Ministries of Durham. Several members and advisors of our chapter recognized and celebrated Prematurity Day on November 17th. On November 18th and 19th one advisor and 7 members attended North Carolina FLDC. Our officers and members taught a workshop on leadership and team building. We were also award the gold seal chapter award. Chapter Treasurer Christopher McDuff was awarded one of three Professional Division Foundation Scholarships and President Betina Huntwork won the Professional Division's annual design a pin contest. We capped off November with advisors and officers grading FBLA regional competition event tests.


December was a busy month for us as a club with several activities going on. We kicked off December with another volunteer session at Urban Ministries of Durham on December 3rd. On December 9th one advisor, one PD member, and 5 members volunteered at the Museum of Life & Science’s annual Santa Train event. Our members helped guests with various science activities, face painting, faux ice skating rink and passing out hot chocolate. We concluded our year on Saturday December 10th, where one advisor and three members helped state officers judge FBLA Regional Competition events at Chapel Hill High. 


We started our year off with an Officer meeting to discuss the rest of our year in terms of recruitment, fund-raising, community service, conferences and awards. In February, we held activities for FBLA-PBL week. On Sunday February 5th, our members shared their stories via social media on how PBL has impacted them and the memories they have because of the experiences within PBL. Monday February 6th, we went on online and had a viewing party of the president’s webinar. Tuesday February 7th, our officers spoke in their various classes about PBL and the opportunities it can provide for each one reach one day. Wednesday February 8th, our members decorated our advisor’s doors and gave them gifts as tokens of our appreciation for all their hard work and support in honor of Advisor Appreciation Day. Later that day several members and advisors got together to take a picture honoring professional attire day as well. On Thursday February 8th, we reached out to a PD member to arrange for them to speak about career awareness day. Friday February 9th, several members wore their PBL shirts and showed off their PBL spirit for spirit day. We capped off FBLA-PBL week by volunteering at Urban Ministries of Durham for Community Service day on February 11th. 


Throughout the year our chapter has been working on various chapter awards in the fall we completed Super Sweeps and Non-stop November. We finished off February by completing Action-Awareness, TLLA, Outstanding Chapter and lastly, the Diamond Chapter award as well.


Durham Technical CC - Fall 2016

The Delta Beta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda continues our tradition of service and activities. We have been very productive since our last report this past spring. We had six members attend the State Leadership Conference in April where all 6 members placed high enough to qualify for NLC, our chapter was recognized for completing TLLA. Betina Van Denend and Christopher McDuff were recognized for completing both the Director and Executive levels of CMAP, as well as being honored for participation in membership madness. Christopher McDuff also ran for State President as well.

Betina Van Denend, our chapter's vice president at the time, was recognized for outstanding student leadership at Durham Tech’s annual Student Senate award ceremony in April. We continued our strong commitment to community service by volunteering throughout the Triangle to include one organization who truly loves having us, Urban Ministries of Durham. Our club finished the 2015-2016 year with one of the highest record totals of volunteer hours by any club at Durham Tech. Our Chapter capped off our school year with an outing to a Durham Bulls game, which is one of our annual fund raising partners.

This summer five members traveled with two advisors to Atlanta, GA to attend our National Leadership Conference. Our members enjoyed the variety of educational and cultural attractions that Atlanta had to offer. During the conference Emilia Arrington took home 1st place in Sales Presentation and Christopher McDuff, Eric Eales and Tyler Kempton took home 2nd place in Networking Design and. Overall, our club benefited from the plethroa of workshops and came home with experiences that will last them a life time.

We started our Fall semester by participating in Durham Tech's Welcomemania, where clubs and organizations have the opportunity to discuss what they have to offer students and attract new members. We also attended the Fall Kick Off at Central Carolina Community College. We took four officers and one advisor, and engaged in various discussions about upcoming events and conferences as well as ways to improve our chapters and activities we could hold in collaboration with chapters in our area. 

 We kicked off our volunteer initiative for the year by volunteering at Urban Ministries on October 8th. Members and advisors helped sort clothes in the Urban Ministries clothes closet. We planning to visit at least one Saturday a month to continue to help Urban Ministries so they can better serve the community. We also have planned activities lined up for the Museum of Life and Science which we will help them with their annual Pumpkin Patch and Santa Train events, as well as work in FBLA and other organizations in our local community.

Durham Technical CC - Spring 2016

The Delta Beta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda at Durham Tech continues our tradition of service and activities. We have been very productive since the start of the new school year in August. We had one advisor and two officers attend the Fall Kick off at Randolph Community College, where we learned about the many different conferences to be held this year and did some teambuilding activities. We had members attend the Greensboro Leadership Conference in October where our advisers, Ms. Parrish and Ms. Kerber, presented a workshop on team building, our chapter was recognized for attaining PBL Gold Star status, and our club submitted and was selected as the 2015-2016 State Pin Design Winner as well as receiving the President's Award for Recruitment Materials Display .

We also collected over 270 pounds of food at DTCC Fall Fest for the Durham Tech Food Bank. We served as judges for the FBLA Triad Regional Competition at Orange High School in Hillsborough, NC, as well as helped grade tests for the competition. 

In the fall, we helped get the word out about American Enterprise Day and we participated in two volunteer events at the Durham Museum of Life and Science, the Pumpkin Patch and the Santa Train.  We had a great time at both, helping kids see the Great Pumpkin and Santa Claus.

We started off this spring semester by volunteering at Durham Tech for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  We helped by creating box lunches and packing food for various Food Banks in the area.

In February, we started off FBLA-PBL week by having Durham Mayor Bill Bell draft a proclamation officially declaring February 8th – 13th, 2016 as National Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda Week.

Several members dressed in professional attire on February 10th for Professional Day.

We celebrated Advisor Appreciate day with Signs, Chocolates and Flowers as a token of appreciation for all the hard work they do in support of FBLA-PBL and our members.

On Saturday February 13th we had several members participate at Urban Ministries by sorting clothes in the clothes closet to close our FBLA-PBL Week. At the begging of the week three of our members became supervisor certified at Urban Ministries so that we can continue to help out with this wonderful organization as frequently as possible.

Durham Technical CC - Fall 2015

Durham Tech PBL was busy last year.  In December we served as judges for the Triad Regional FBLA conference at Orange High School in Hillsborough, NC.  It is always fun to be on the other side of the competitions. We also participated at Durham's Museum of Life and Sciences' Santa Train and got to be elves helping with loading the train to go to the North Pole, serving hot chocolate, playing in the "snow" and assisting with the ice skating rink.  We were proud to win two campus-wide food drives by collecting more food than any other club at Durham Tech. This food went to the Durham Tech Food Bank which supplies food to students and staff.   We were honored to win one of two Durham Tech Service Awards for the most volunteer hours performed during last school year. We enjoyed SLC and took 7 students and 2 advisers to NLC.  We are looking forward to "connect"ing more this year with our college, NCPBL and National PBL!

Durham Technical CC - Fall 2013

This year has flown by with all of the events, meetings, and fundraisers DTCC PBL has been involved in. In April, we had three members, Linda Johnson, Joe Joines, and Andre Nance, along with co-adviser Michele Parrish attend SLC.  Linda Johnson placed 7th in Job Interview and 5th in Networking Concepts. Joe Joines placed 3rd in Networking Concepts. All attending enjoyed participating in leadership workshops and getting to know and network with other NCPBL members.

In June, Paul Pacheco and Joe Joines, co-advisers Michele Parrish traveled to Anaheim, CA to attend NLC. There was a great deal of networking and getting to know other PBL members from around the country enjoyed by all but our greatest pleasure was in watching as our own Paul Pacheco placed 2nd in the nation in Cyber Security.

In August, Durham Tech was pleased to welcome Ms. LaTonya Steele as an instructor in Business Administration. As a result, DTCC PBL was very fortunate and pleased to welcome Ms. Steele as a new co-adviser to our chapter. We have increased our active student membership as well as our NCPBL-PDF membership with the possibility of even more members joining.

What a wonderful year it has been and is continuing to be!  
Next Stop, Greensboro and FLDC!

Durham Technicall CC - Spring 2013

In 2012-13 DTCC-PBL has participated in a number of community service activities. We served as judges for the FBLA Triad Regional Competition at Orange High School in Hillsborough on December 15. The club judged the test part of the competition the week previous. Also in December, we volunteered with the Museum of Life and Science for their annual Santa Train. The members who participated truly enjoyed spending time with the Museum’s guest, especially the children who were so excited to see Santa. For the Christmas holiday, the club adopted a family of four. The participating members shopped, wrapped presents for, and delivered stockings and gifts to the entire family.

We have also participated in a food drive on campus where DTCC-PBL raised 159 pounds of food. There have also been several successful  fundraisers held to help the club meet financial goals.

Over-all DTCC-PBL has had an exciting and very productive year and we all look forward to a bigger and better 2013-14.