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Central Carolina CC - Spring 2019

The Central Carolina Community College chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is off to a great start this spring with chapter projects, membership recruitment, and preparing for SLC in April. 


The chapter started off the semester with a recruitment drive that included pizza informational meetings, game night social, and setting up information tables in the student center. At the end of the fall semester the chapter was sitting at 60 members and now in the spring has once again reached triple digits. Thanks to all the members, officers, and recruitment committee members for all the hard work. Membership is vital to the chapter with so many chapter events upcoming including fundraising season at Walnut Creek which will begin in April. This year venue looks to host over 30 concerts once again.


Community service is an ongoing requirement for members in the chapter. In the fall the chapter completed four community service projects. This spring chapter has planned out with one for Valentines already completed. The biggest project for the spring will be the participation for a 4th year in a row in the NC State Special Olympics. The chapter helps to organize, facilitate, and participate in the celebration ceremonies on the final night. Members play vital roles in the entertainment, victory dance, and other activities at NC State. We look forward to once again being a part of such a great event.


The last two years has seen the inclusion of early college students into the chapter. With that brings more opportunities for the chapter. The majority of the members from the early college have now been selected to participate in Lee County Teen Court. This is a community based alternative for first time offenders. It is a peer to peer system that our members help in determining the outcome for these offenders and hopefully give them a second chance. Many of the early college members were looking for a community service project that would allow them to be civic leaders and this opportunity provided that.


Other spring projects include working with the Bread Basket, Junior Achievement, the Food Bank, Backpack Buddies, and Raven Rock State Park. The chapter is lucky to have a great resource in all its members so it can participate in these types of projects, which is why recruitment activities are vital to the chapter success.

Central Carolina CC - Spring 2017

The CCCC Phi Beta Lambda is off to another great year as we prepare for the upcoming SLC in April. The chapter officer team is hoping to accomplish their goals for the year this spring semester. Two of those goals, which include increasing chapter membership and professional membership, the chapter has already surpassed and will continue to add members all the way to the deadline. The recruitment committee has done a great job of marketing and reaching out across the campus to bring in more members.

Another goal of the chapter was to increase professional development within. The chapter has partnered up with Toastmasters International who now has a chapter on campus. Toastmasters International focuses on teaching how to be a better speaker. A skill needed for anyone entering into the workforce. All officers are required to join and attend meetings and all other members are encouraged to join as well.

Networking was also a goal of the officer team. So this year the chapter officially became a member of the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. All registered chapter members and professional division members are now members of the chamber and can attend all chamber events. Events include morning networking events, after hours social networking, to more formal events that include guest speakers and opportunities to meet with local government officials. This opportunity has created a gate way for our members to interact with local companies that will provide long term opportunities for members to find employment.

To prepare for the upcoming SLC and NLC, which will be held in California this June fundraising efforts are in full swing. The chapter continues to work in Charlotte at Time Warner Arena and the Lowes Motor Speedway and just formed a new relationship with the PNC arena in Raleigh. Fundraising not only helps to send the chapter to conferences, but it allows the chapter to provide scholarships, subsidize community service projects, and financial support chapter professional development.


We hope to see everyone at SLC in April and look forward to another successful year for NCPBL at NLC in June.

Central Carolina CC - Fall 2016

The Central Carolina Community College has started the fall off with a great amount of excitement and enthusiasm with the returning members and new officer team. The chapter has already surpassed last year's mark for membership and is still recruiting hard with upcoming recruitment events. The chapter has already held informational meetings on all three campuses and participated in activity days on all three campuses. These events have helped to market the chapter and increase brand awareness. The chapter is also in the process of activating two new FBLA chapters. Both high school programs feed into the college each year. So this will be a great opportunity for the chapter to start recruiting future members and create connecting chapter events.

The chapter is also focused on creating added value for its members. The chapter has now partnered with Toastmasters with a current member at the helm. Meetings are twice a month on campus with members joining the ranks. Toastmasters give members the opportunity to practice presentation skills and enhance specific set skills necessary in networking, job interviews, presenting, and competition for SLC & NLC. The chapter also joined the Sanford Chamber of Commerce which allows members to represent the college and attend area Chamber events to network for job opportunities and internships. Members from the Chamber are already joining our PD ranks and a few current members are in the process of becoming Chamber Ambassadors.

The chapter has also already began multiple community service projects that include working with the local food bank, the Habit for Humanity, Backpack Buddies, Junior Achievement, and Meals on Wheels. The chapter is also involved in two other projects to help in support efforts for areas affected by the recent hurricane and flooding damage.

The other major aspect for the chapter is fundraising as we look forward to members attending SLC in the spring and hopefully NLC in California. The chapter just finished the summer concert series at Walnut Creek where the chapter operates a food concession stand, and is currently running concessions for the Lee County Community Orchestra as well operating our annual fall fundraiser for Christmas tree sales. We are a long way off from both Charlotte and Anaheim but the chapter knows now is the time to start saving money.

We look forward to seeing everyone at FLDC in November.

Central Carolina CC - Spring 2016

The chapter wanted to hit the ground running and continue on with the success of the fall. The chapter finished the fall with over 100 members and looks to increase that number for the spring semester. The chapter had members attend both the NCPBL Fall Leadership Development Conference in Greensboro and the National Fall Leadership Conference in Charleston SC. Both conferences provided learning environments that helped members grow as professionals and gain skills that will help create success for the chapter this spring.

The chapter now prepares for the State Leadership Conference in Charlotte this coming April after a successful FBLA-PBL week that saw activities planned each day to promote PBL and demonstrate to the campus what we have to offer. Fundraising activities are now active as the chapter looks to provide opportunities for any member that wants to attend. The annual spaghetti dinner is scheduled for March and a few other fundraisers planned working fundraisers in Charlotte and Raleigh.

SLC is not the only activity the chapter is focused on this spring. The chapter is heading up the Cougar Closet. A professional dress closet for students on campus to help them prepare for upcoming interviews and jobs after graduation. The project involved the chapter teaming up with Career Services to create workshops for students to attend who then can visit the closet. The chapter also creating networking opportunities for its members by joining the local chamber of commerce as well as members participating in Toastmasters International. Several members will also be representing the chapter as judges at the NCPBL FBLA State Leadership Conference in March.

Central Carolina CC - Fall 2015

The fall semester has started and the CCCC chapter is ready to once again to take on new challenges. The first is recruitment and building the chapter up once again as not only one of the largest in NCPBL but in the nation as well. The chapter has already surpassed its mark from last fall and is already approaching the total from the previous year. Officers and members are working hard to recruit new members and help spread the word of the value of PBL to every student on campus.

The chapter has also already begun several fundraising and community service projects. Fundraising is a continual process that the members participate throughout the year in. These activities include running a concession stand at different venues to upcoming Christmas tree sale on campus. The chapter's mission for fundraising is to provide transportation and lodging for all chapter activities. Members working events can also earn registration fees as well per diem for national conferences.

Community Service projects have started as well. Members have already started working with the Food Bank and the CUOC to collect grapes and produce for the Farm to Table program. The chapter goes out weekly to pick produce on Tuesdays. Ground work is also being laid for partnerships with Backpack for Buddies, The Next Step, Junior Achievement, and our new Professional Development series that involves the first suit closet on campus. All participation in project allows members to earn hours for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

The Social committee has been active as well as the chapter will host a cookout for PBL members and a movie night in the quad for all CCCC members on October 23rd. In honor of the upcoming release the movie will be Star Wars (original). Movies are being planned for November and December as well on campus. A Christmas party for members and breakfast for exam week are being organized as we speak.

Central Carolina CC - Fall 2013

The Central Carolina Community College chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is off to a great start to the 2013-14 school year. Returning members are showing the energy to excite others in joining and the new officer team has a goal to double the membership from last year. The officer team is mostly made up of members who were at Anaheim, CA for NLC where CCCC took twenty members to represent the school and NCPBL. Ten of those members placed at nationals and the group returns with an agenda to see the chapter achieve even more success this year, which included several officers attending the Fall Kick-Off at Barton College. The officer team includes the Central Region Vice President Lupita Norato.

The chapter has already started off strong with membership exceeding the total from last year and community service projects are in full swing. The chapter has already participated in Veterans Stand Down, a national project aimed at helping homeless veterans. The chapter had been an important part in bringing together over 40 service providers to our forgotten heroes. The chapter also is already in full swing working with local organizations and the Central and Eastern Food Bank of North Carolina to help provide food for families in the three counties our college represents. Members have been collecting can goods, working vineyards, and other farms in efforts to maximize resources for our community. And in an effort to support March of Dimes the chapter has already completed 1 of a 10 part project for raising funds and awareness. The chapter is currently working on several more community service projects for the school year, including partnering with the Red Cross, the Local Farmers Market, and other events planned in our community.

The chapter has also put an emphasis on fundraising to ensure chapter needs are met and members can participate in events and conference without financial hardships. Members have already worked events like Cirque du Soleil, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and NASCAR. Future events include concerts, basketball games, PGA Golf, and NASCAR.

Future upcoming events for the chapter include Induction Ceremony, FLDC in Greensboro, and monthly social events that include movie night, salsa night, and open mic night. All three social events take place on campus and bring members and other students together. The chapter is also working with Toastmasters, Junior Achievement, creating a Dress for Success closet on campus, and helping to start a FBLA chapter with Lee Early College.
The members of the CCCC PBL chapter look forward to another great year and to develop more friendships with other members from across the state and create partnerships with other NCPBL chapters. The chapter hopes add to the success of NCPBL as we all move forward and show the rest of the country our Excellence in Action.

Central Carolina CC - Spring 2013

Spring is here and the chapter is very busy with projects coming to a close and many preparing for SLC in April. Membership has doubled since last year and more continue to trickle in as we get closer to the March deadline. The chapter has done a great job creating a buzz around campus and promoting the club.

The fall saw a great effort by the chapter to demonstrate to the community its ability to lead and make a difference. Several community service projects took place involving work with several organizations in an effort to supply food for the winter. Not only did the chapter participate by providing resources the chapter also oversaw the projects by organizing the event which included close to a dozen organizations.

The chapter hosted its annual spaghetti dinner in January for a total of $1800 dollars to help fund upcoming events such as SLC. This is one of the largest fundraisers the chapter holds during the year. The next fundraiser on the docket is a pancake breakfast just before SLC. The chapter throughout the year will do raffles that include tickets to UNC basketball games, 50/50, and many fun prizes that seem to get the campus excited.

Other projects this spring include “The Gambit”, “Earth Day Fair” and “The Next Step”, projects that help promote the goals of the chapter to support community service and free enterprise.  The chapter also provides support to other organizations on campus as well as participating in major chapter projects. These events include Education Celebration that took place at the WB Wicker Center for continuing education and career readiness as well as the upcoming Career Fair at the Dennis Wicker Civic Center. The chapter has become the top choice for the campus when resources are limited and help is needed.

The new semester has also seen the members very busy getting ready for SLC. A lot of excitement when members returned from Winter Tip-Off at Wake Tech CC, where information was overflowing for SLC and NCL to get the chapter motivated. Deciding what events to compete in, whom to team up with, and writing reports. The CCCC chapter will take its largest delegation to date to Charlotte. Our chapter looks forward to a great experience in April and meeting others who help to make NCPBL one of the best in the country.

Central Carolina CC Focuses on Membership

Sanford / Lillington, NC

The chapter is off to a very fast start. The 2012-2013 year is only returning three members from last year, with many graduating and taking their skills into the workforce. With an effort to focus on membership the chapter has already passed last years' membership numbers with a 25% increase that is still growing.

We also would like to welcome our new lead adviser, Michael Fann who joined the faculty this year. A former Phi Beta Lambda member who is married to a former PBL national officer. His experience as a member and professional division member will bring new opportunities to the chapter.

The fall has already seen the chapter get organized as several officers attended the Fall Kick-Off at Barton College. From there the officers hit the ground running with ideas and opportunities for the chapter to succeed as they look to ignite innovation within the chapter and its members.

During the campus activity day the members sold over 320 raffle tickets for its first fundraiser for the semester. October 23rd will see the new members and officers participate in the chapter induction ceremony which we are anticipating over 80 people in attendance. Members also are preparing for the FLDC in Raleigh, November 2nd-3rd, where the chapter looks to participate in the Membership Recruitment Display and Non-Trivia contest.