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Catawba College - Spring 2018

Catawba PBL Students During PBL week

By: Malen Eiríksdóttir


Our top business and marketing organization on Catawba campus, Phi Beta Lambda, gave the students opportunity create and improve their LinkedIn profile during the PBL week. Students learned all about LinkedIn from Robin Perry, the director of career services, and even got some Chick-Fil-A sandwiches when they came.


The event was hosted on Thursday night, Feb. 8th in the library lab. The students that showed up were happy with the results of the workshop and expressed that events like this are important to develop skills for the real world. A senior student, Jess Daniel, said "Mrs. Perry is always helpful" she added that she already had a profile but it needed some update "LinkedIn, like any other social media is always changing and coming up with new ideas, so you really have to keep up with your profile and look on it regularly."


Robin Perry joined the Catawba team in 2011 first as a part time job, but now she is the director of career services. Her main goal is to help student and prepare and plan for their career after Catawba. She hosts various events on campus such as the graduate school fair and has organizations come and introduce their businesses. Perry says that it is important that students set up their resume and LinkedIn to connect and network to future employers. "Students need to be on LinkedIn, it is an essential thing they need to have." Perry says the students that attended the workshop range from knowing a lot about the platform to knowing nothing and not even having their own page. "I think its about half-and-half, some do, some don't."


The Catawba PBL chapter has made an impact on this campus and is always growing. This month the chapter is the third largest in the state and has over 20 members interested in competing at the State Leadership Conference. The Catawba College chapter is always growing and is the larger than it has ever been. The recruitment technique the officers have used this year has really paid off as the increase is by 15 members


This past summer, Catawba College had four representatives, Caitlin Gordon, Lauren Hardison, Andrew Chambers, and Jess Daniel went to Nationals in Anaheim, California and learned a lot from that experience. Gordon said it was the most memorable thing she had done while in college. "It is one of my favorite memory from college, I do not regret going." We hope that this year the chapter will get even more representative a Nationals and win even more prizes for NC PBL!


Catawba College PBL is looking forward seeing everybody in Charlotte for SCL 2018!


Catawba College - Fall 2013

Catawba  PBL organization at Catawba College held its monthly meeting on October 7, 2013. The PBL organization of Livingstone College attended this meeting and then were treated to lunch by the PBL organization of Catawba College.