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Western Carolina U - Spring 2018

On Saturday, February 17th, 2018, Western Carolina University hosted a professional level leadership conference. At this conference there were multiple different types of sessions organized into four different sections across the time frame of 10:40 am to 3:40 pm. Each attendee was able to choose one session per section, totaling in four sessions per attendee; in addition to the introduction and conclusion with key note speaker Curtis Zimmerman.  


Amongst the several sessions that were offered at the conference, the Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda Western Carolina Chapter hosted one session titled “Leadership ‘B’ Tower.” In this session, we demonstrated a leadership activity that allowed the attendees the opportunity to practice team interaction. This gave them the chance to incorporate hands-on experience while exploring skills in communication, leadership, cooperation, planning, and organization while working within a fun environment. To begin our session, participants were broken up into separate groups and given very specific instructions: To build the tallest freestanding tower possible using only balloons and masking tape within the given time frame. Following the activity, the groups were brought together for a reflection of the program. During the reflection, the groups were asked two very fundamental questions that shaped the message of our session.  


1. “What were the specific instructions that were given?” 

 Followed by,  

2. “Did we ever say that you had to work separately as individual groups?” 


This gave the presenters the opportunity to relay the message of leaders being able to come together to work on the same common goals. In our session, each group was able to construct a freestanding tower separately and achieve mediocre results, however, could that tower have been better with the help and resources of the other groups? In one group, there was an individual who was an engineering major, which could have been very helpful to the other groups. Everyone has different ideas, backgrounds, and experiences which contributes in different aspects towards the common goal. Each leader on a team has different roles and values of what a leader is and should be.