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CMAP Chapter of the Year

CMAP Chapter of the Year is an award created by the 2011-2012 State Officer Team. This award is given to the chapter that has the highest points based on the CMAP level that participants achieve.  The score is determined by the points earned for each level a member may achieve during the current PBL year.


Point System:

Each Director level attained gets 1 point

Each Executive level attained gets 2 points

Each President level attained gets 3 points


Points for all members at a school are then added together to determine the total score for the school.  The school with the highest total score is name the CMAP Chapter of the Year and recognized at the State Leadership Conference. 


For example if a member received all three levels of CMAP for the 2012-2013 year, the school would receive 6 points. If another member gets the president level during current year, then the school would receive 3 points for this member. Total for the school would be 9 points.

Records are obtained from the National Office for calculating these scores.