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03.01.19 State Adviser UPdate

Wow!  Can it really be March 1?!  February was a quick month, but one with lots of PBL activity around the state from the "news reports" that have come in.


1)  Be sure you have calendar marked to do SLC registration and event entries on March 8.  The online system goes down at midnight that night.  Per email from earlier this week with alternate code, the SLC registration link on SLC Guide should be functioning.  


2)  One last reminder on the scholarship donations in appreciation of Jean Buckley's time as CEO.  For TLLA credit and to have chapter qualify for a scholarship applicant next fall, the amount needs to be $35 or more.  For individuals wishing to make a contribution and get a "best wishes" note in the printed program, any amount is fine.  If chapter or you have made a contributiongo ahead and scribe your couple of sentences to her and email to me.


3)  If you run into a problem getting hotel rooms, send a message.  Our rep there will do whatever she can to take care of us -- through the cut-off time, that is!


4)  Advisers, if you have not joined the NCPBL Professional Division-Foundation, please consider doing that before the March 21 deadline.  Our PD-F set a membership record earlier this week.  As of today, the membership is 244, just 6 short of the ambitious 250 goal the Board set for the year.  In addition to the three $1000 scholarships, PD-F made sizable donations to both our FLDC and SLC budgets, helping to keep the registration costs reasonable for our members.  PD membership is done on the national FBLA-PBL website.  Be sure to mark "PBL" and a chapter affiliation.  At this point it would help if you would send Melissa Coffey or Rick Gardner an email saying you've joined or have added a member to your chapter affiliation.  Melissa and Rick cross-reference membership lists and sometimes find one of our members on the NC FBLA list of PD members.  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


5)  Again, March 8 is the deadline to have members entered in the database for SLC event entries and SLC awards.


We welcome the reactivated chapter at Fayetteville Technical Community College!


Congratulations for increasing membership over last year to these chapters (AND WE CAN ADD MORE TO THE LIST NEXT WEEK -- FOUR CHAPTERS NEED ONLY ONE MORE MEMBER!):


Barton College

Belmont Abbey College

Durham Technical Community College

East Carolina University

Fayetteville State University

Louisburg College

Meredith College

University of Mount Olive

Wake Forest University

Western Carolina University


Also, a salute to these March 1 top-ranking membership chapters (WITH 8 DAYS TO GO, SOME OF THE NUMBERS HERE ARE SO CLOSE THINGS CAN EASILY MOVE AROUND!):


1 - Central Carolina Community College

2 - Meredith College

3 - Barton College

4 - Western Carolina University

5 (tie) - East Carolina University, Wake Forest University, Wake Technical Community College)

8 - Appalachian State University


Looking forward to seeing everyone at SLC!  On behalf of the state officers and the directors, thanks again for all you've done this year.