Rowan-Cabarrus CC - Fall 2018

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College celebrated American Enterprise Day by bringing in a guest speaker. Her name is Clarissa Bradley and she is from an organization known as, The Lady C.P.A. Network. We asked Clarissa to come and speak to us and students on campus about her organization, as well as, what it means for her to be a part of the financial world. 


So, what does the C.P.A. in The Lady C.P.A. Network stand for? It stands for Confident, Professional, and Accomplished. That is exactly what this organization represents. They help mentor, teach, and sponsor women all over the United States to succeed in the Financial and Business world. The Lady C.P.A. Network offers scholarships that are sponsored from other companies all over.


Clarissa Bradley originally wanted to be a teacher. A fourth-grade math teacher to be exact. After she attend a sit in, in a classroom, she realized that she did not want to be a teacher and was not sure what she wanted to do. She ended up looking into Accounting. She got her degree and worked at the State Employees Credit Union for three years. She then made her way into bookkeeping and is now a Controller. She loves what she does and travels all over to speak to other college students to help drive them to be successful no matter what they do.


Clarissa Bradley spoke to the students of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College about her journey from wanting to be a teacher to becoming a successful Controller. She has persevered in the Accounting career, even after hearing so many companies tell her no when she applied. She spoke about not giving up and that if you want something, you must push yourself. Clarissa also spoke about making connections and closing gaps in society and to be willing to be the bridge that connects others to help ourselves and those around us to succeed. We truly enjoyed Clarissa speaking and she will be back in the Spring.