President's' Council

Good afternoon NC-PBL,


We have received some feedback that not all chapters have set up their officer teams yet and have therefore not yet been able to fill out the sign up form for the Presidents' Council. For this reason, I'll be sending the September RSVP for our first set of meetings to everyone. We are requesting that all chapters send at least one representative to call-in - we have a lot to discuss in terms of our great State Chapter! Thank you to all of the chapters that have already registered for the council!


Our meetings for September will be held on the 17, 18, and 19th at 9:00 pm. 


Even if you don't have an officer team set up yet, please RSVP for a September meeting below!


When your chapter gets your officer team set up, be sure to register your chapter for the Presidents' Council at the link below!


Thank you and God Bless NC-PBL!


Townsend Lenihan, President
North Carolina Phi Beta Lambda
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