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08.03.18 State Adviser Update

August 3, 2018


Chapter Advisers and Key Leaders:


It's August, and, after a very successful 2017-2018, it's time to start a new PBL year.! Your State Executive Council is excited about the planned activities and emphases for 2018-2019.  This year's PBL theme is "Lead. Create. Inspire!"


Attached are four documents:


1) 2018-2019 Chapter Guide

This has all the information about beginning the new year.  Note that on the last page there is a Chapter Information Form for all chapters to complete and return.  This is important for our on-going goal of maintaining strong communication between the Executive Council and the local chapters.  Please return as quickly as you can but no later than October 20.


The Council is especially excited about a renewed focus to what we have been calling "Kick-Offs" and "Tip-Offs."  To meet chapter needs and make the intent of these Thursday afternoon meetings clear, they have been renamed "Chapter Officer Training Summits" and "State Conference Preparation Summits."


2) NCPBL Calendar

Although we'll send reminders along the way, the calendar has all the dates for conference participation and state/national competitive event entries.  Note that dates are "received," not "postmarked" ones.


3) TLLA - The Legacy Leadership Award

Hopefully, every chapter will make receiving this award a priority, especially since there is an SLC Scholarship attached to it.  For this year, we are also excited that the NCPBL Professional Division-Foundation, Inc., has added an additional scholarship bonus for those chapters that complete all of the items related to the PD-F at the end of the TLLA activities!  TLLA provides a chapter's Program of Work for the year.  Designate a member to keep track of what you have done and what you can be doing that will allow you to check off TLLA items.


4)  Proposed Amendments from Executive Council

To update and emphasize the responsibilities of the NCPBL state officers, the Council spent a large amount of time at our June meeting drafting proposed bylaws amendments related to officer positions and elections.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Council members were so convinced that the proposals would be of such a benefit to NCPBL that we voted to do a mail-in vote this fall so the changes could go into effect with the election of the 2019-2020 state officers.  All the info on the proposals and the voting procedures is in the attachment.  There will be a discussion time during FLDC.


Many "thank you's" to returning advisers, and much appreciation to the new advisers at Wake Forest University and Western Carolina University (and others I haven't met yet).  To the chapter officers/leaders,  let's make this one of NCPBL's best yet!  It's a pleasure for us to serve you at the state level.  Don't hesitate to send an email if there's anything else you need to get the year going.


The PD membership database is now open at  Be sure to encourage current members to renew.  As you recruit new members, remind them to list their affiliation as "PBL" and to put the name of your chapter rather than the college from which they were graduated.  Advisers do not pay PBL dues, but we do encourage all of our advisers to be NCPBL PD-F members.


NCPBL State Executive Council