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Outstanding Chapter Recognition

This is an Online Entry program at the National website.

PBL Outstanding Chapter Recognition

**NOTICE: The deadline for submission this year is Monday, 4/2/2018 5:00:00 PM ET.**


PBL chapters must complete twenty-one (21) activities. Complete and submit these online activities, uploading all required documentation. When all documentation is complete and the activities are completed, submit the project online. All projects must be submitted by Monday, 4/2/2018 5:00:00 PM ET.

Preview of Activities



1. Required Recruit three to five new paid members.

2. Required Prepare a Program of Work for your chapter.

3. Conduct at least four chapter meetings and provide an agenda for each meeting.

4. Charter a new FBLA-Middle Level, FBLA, or PBL chapter or reactivate any chapter.

5. Document at least 25 community service hours of activities.

6. Recruit a school official/administrator to participate in a chapter activity.

7. Submit a contribution to the National Scholarship Fund by April 1.

8. Set a goal to increase membership and a percentage goal for retention of last year’s underclassmen. 

9. Create a Membership Committee to focus on new ways to bring in and retain members. 

10. Host a mingle event with another ML, FBLA or PBL chapter.




11. Required Create a committee to focus on developing a March of Dimes Project, an American Enterprise Project, or a community service project to benefit the community. 

12. Required Have fundraiser/awareness event for the March of Dimes or an event to celebrate or create awareness for our American free enterprise system.

13. Conduct a chapter community service project.

14. Plan a project to benefit your school and submit an article to the PBL Business Leader.

15. Conduct a project to either educate, promote, or raise money for the March of Dimes.

16. Have your chapter create a brochure on social media safey or on proper social media etiquette. 

17. Invite a local or state representative or other community service representive to speak to your chapter on the importance of community service.

18. Invite a businessperson to speak at a local chapter meeting or event. 

19. Prepare a local chapter Web site or social media page.

20. Prepare a flyer promoting American Enterprise Day (November 15), World Prematurity Day (November 17), or another project from your chapter to benefit the community.




21. Required Conduct a planning session for newly-elected local chapter officers.

22. Required Prepare a chapter budget.

23. Chapter submits at least one article with photos for the PBL Business Leader (PBL). All articles must be submitted online. 

24. Post a picture during FBLA-PBL Week of your chapter in your chapter shirts and include a 100 word essay on why it is important to belong to FBLA-PBL.

25. Plan and conduct activities for FBLA-PBL Week/National Career and Technical Education Week.

26. Plan at least one activity for CTE Month in February that is different form the activities that your chapter planned for FBLA-PBL Week.

27. Submit a press relase of chapter competitors (include names of students, events entered, and events won) at the regional/district conference or from the last year’s state or national conference.

28. Have at least one member attend the National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC) and share what was learned at the conference with chapter. 

29. Organize a second semester business tour for chapter members who have all paid dues. 

30. Had at least one member attend the National Leadership Conference (NLC) last summer.