Central Carolina CC - Fall 2016

The Central Carolina Community College has started the fall off with a great amount of excitement and enthusiasm with the returning members and new officer team. The chapter has already surpassed last year's mark for membership and is still recruiting hard with upcoming recruitment events. The chapter has already held informational meetings on all three campuses and participated in activity days on all three campuses. These events have helped to market the chapter and increase brand awareness. The chapter is also in the process of activating two new FBLA chapters. Both high school programs feed into the college each year. So this will be a great opportunity for the chapter to start recruiting future members and create connecting chapter events.

The chapter is also focused on creating added value for its members. The chapter has now partnered with Toastmasters with a current member at the helm. Meetings are twice a month on campus with members joining the ranks. Toastmasters give members the opportunity to practice presentation skills and enhance specific set skills necessary in networking, job interviews, presenting, and competition for SLC & NLC. The chapter also joined the Sanford Chamber of Commerce which allows members to represent the college and attend area Chamber events to network for job opportunities and internships. Members from the Chamber are already joining our PD ranks and a few current members are in the process of becoming Chamber Ambassadors.

The chapter has also already began multiple community service projects that include working with the local food bank, the Habit for Humanity, Backpack Buddies, Junior Achievement, and Meals on Wheels. The chapter is also involved in two other projects to help in support efforts for areas affected by the recent hurricane and flooding damage.

The other major aspect for the chapter is fundraising as we look forward to members attending SLC in the spring and hopefully NLC in California. The chapter just finished the summer concert series at Walnut Creek where the chapter operates a food concession stand, and is currently running concessions for the Lee County Community Orchestra as well operating our annual fall fundraiser for Christmas tree sales. We are a long way off from both Charlotte and Anaheim but the chapter knows now is the time to start saving money.

We look forward to seeing everyone at FLDC in November.