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PBL Chapter Management Handbook

This comprehensive guide to managing a PBL chapter is designed to help advisers run all aspects of their chapter. PBL advisers receive an updated copy of the PBL Chapter Management Handbook (CMH) each fall, with access to resources that include:

  • PBL Chapter Management Handbook (CMH) CoverAbout PBL—Explore PBL's membership programs, conferences, history, and mission.
  • Building a Chapter—Run efficient meetings, create a chapter Program of Work, find supplement PBL adviser resources.
  • Recruitment—Utilize PBL's recruitment and retention resources to grow your chapter.
  • Fundraising—Discover sources of funding for travel and chapter operations with PBL fundraising programs and partners.
  • Scholarships—Give your members access to exclusive PBL scholarships.
  • Bylaws—PBL's National Bylaws.
  • Competitive Events—Help your PBL members choose and prepare for academic events that highlight their career skills and business knowledge.
  • Format Guide—Use this guide to prepare for Administrative Technology and Computer Applications skill events.
  • Supplement Resources—Find the documents and resources you need to run your chapter.
  • MarketPlace—purchase official PBL apparel and publications.

2015-2016 Chapter Management Handbook (download link to National website)