Central Carolina CC Focuses on Membership

Sanford / Lillington, NC

The chapter is off to a very fast start. The 2012-2013 year is only returning three members from last year, with many graduating and taking their skills into the workforce. With an effort to focus on membership the chapter has already passed last years' membership numbers with a 25% increase that is still growing.

We also would like to welcome our new lead adviser, Michael Fann who joined the faculty this year. A former Phi Beta Lambda member who is married to a former PBL national officer. His experience as a member and professional division member will bring new opportunities to the chapter.

The fall has already seen the chapter get organized as several officers attended the Fall Kick-Off at Barton College. From there the officers hit the ground running with ideas and opportunities for the chapter to succeed as they look to ignite innovation within the chapter and its members.

During the campus activity day the members sold over 320 raffle tickets for its first fundraiser for the semester. October 23rd will see the new members and officers participate in the chapter induction ceremony which we are anticipating over 80 people in attendance. Members also are preparing for the FLDC in Raleigh, November 2nd-3rd, where the chapter looks to participate in the Membership Recruitment Display and Non-Trivia contest.