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Stanly CC at NLC


Stanly CC delegates Rathavone Wilder, Pat Maddox, Kalia Vang, Sue Vang, Elizabeth Lor, Maggie Mobley, Courtney Seidenschmidt, and Jesse Crump following a Mexican meal on the RiverWalk at 2012 NLC in San Antonio

Stanly CC's Parliamentary Procedure team members get best wishes from national president Jake Barraeu preceding performance competition.  Left to right:  Rathavone Wilder, Jesse Crump, Kalia Vang, Jake, Sue Vang, Brandon Harkey

Maggie Mobley and Courtney Seidenschmidt with 2012 NLC keynote speaker and "The Apprentice" winner Randal Pinkett

Kalia Vang, editor of Stanly CC's Annual Business Report, shows off national 4th Place Award at 2012 NLC

The excitement of the 2012 NLC Awards Program has made the Stanly CC folks a little "crazy."  Left to right front row:  Kalia Vang, Elizabeth Lor, Sue Vang, Courtney Seidenschmidt; back row:  Brandon Harkey, Jesse Crump, Mr. Hazlett (adviser), Josh Crump, Maggie Mobley

The 2012 NLC was lots of fun but it's 5:00 a.m. and time for the Stanly CC delegation to head to the San Antonio airport to return home.  Left to right:  Josh Crump, Brandon Harkey,  Courtney Seidenschmidt, Maggie Mobley, Pat Maddox, Jesse Crump, Kalia Vang, Rathavone Wilder, Sue Vang; in front, Elizabeth Lor

The Stanly CC female delegation wanted a picture to send to Mr. Hazlett's wife!!!  Left to right:  Pat Maddox, Sue Vang, Kalia Vang, Elizabeht Lor, Mr. Hazlett, (Adviser), Rathavone Wilder, Courtney Seidenschmidt, Maggie Mobley

NCPBL Adviser Kenneth Kleiner with plaque recognizing completion of his term on the National Awards Program Committee (2012 NLC)