Gaston College PBL Helping in Local Community

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 the Phi Beta Lambda Chapter of Gaston College in Dallas, NC teamed up with Girls on the Run of Gaston County to assist with registration for upcoming events for their organization. Girls on the Run of Gaston County is a local nonprofit organization sponsored by the Gaston County Health Department to assists girls from grades 3rd-8th by participating in a development program for which the goal of the program is to encourage positive, emotional, social, mental, spiritual, and physical development. Phi Beta Lambda assisted this organization by entering the participants' registration data into the organization's registration database based on completed membership applications. This was an afternoon project and was held in one of Gaston College's very own computer labs. A total of 4 hours was donated to complete registrations for all applicants and PBL members, officers, PD members and our PBL adviser were on site to help get the job done! PBL also recruited students from the college to come out and assist with this project and donate any amount of time that they were able to donate that afternoon. With over 10 participants total and everyone kindly donating anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and some donated up to 4 hours of their time it was great to know that the job was done and accomplished! The Gaston College Phi Beta Lambda volunteers were able to complete all of the registration information for each applicant that had registered for the program this year. The director of Girls on the Run, Ms. Kathleen Boyce, expressed her appreciation for our help and indicated that it gave them a great head start for their program this year. Overall it was a great experience for Phi Beta Lambda to participate in this project for we always try to help the local community in any way that we possibly can. For more information on Girls on the Run of Gaston County please visit their website at: . For more information on Gaston College Phi Beta Lambda please visit our website at: GCPBL.ORG. We look forward to continuing to help out the community with more upcoming projects and we look forward to teaming up with Girls on the Run of Gaston County for some of their future events.

Erika Prado, Vice-President
Gaston College Phi Beta Lambda